We can't wait to meet you

We have a unique and interactive church experience with 4 different service types.

Our innovative approach brings sermons, Jesus-focused worship, hands-on service opportunities, and connection through communion meals that will empower you to make a meaningful impact in your community.

Step into an immersive, God-centered experience where sincerity is cherished and growth is prioritized over comfort.

If youโ€™re planning to visit, make sure to come a few times to get the full picture of the vibe of our church.

Worship & Sermon

This type of service is exactly what youโ€™re used to if youโ€™re a regular church attendee. We hear a sermon preached from the Word of God and worship together in a modern style.

Worship & Prayer

We believe that families and friends at church should pray together. This service type allows us to have the space to practice what we preach and spend time encountering God through prayer and worship. No sermon this week.

Hands-On Service

On Serve Sunday, we leave the comfort of our church building to serve with our families in the city of Reading at LightHouse Women & Children's Center and Hope Rescue Mission.

Communion Meal

Communion is celebrated by eating a meal together as we hear testimonies of what God has done in the past and what we see Him doing in our lives right now.


Where is Encounter Church?

The beautiful brick building pictured here is St. John's Reformed located at 4001 W. Penn Ave, Sinking Spring, PA. This is the current location for Encounter Church.

We are thrilled to have a large space to accommodate our needs in worship, kids ministry, and with plenty of parking right in the heart of Sinking Spring.

View of exterior on Encounter Church

Kidsat encounter

Our kids have FUN while learning about their creator!

We think it's important to create a fun, educational, and safe approach to children's ministry. Your kids will sing, play games, build friendships and learn all about God and his creation while at Encounter.

Encounter kids also join the adult services from time-to-time so that they learn to worship, pray and serve alongside their parents.

Planning a visit? We're so glad!
If you plan to check-in children for the kids program, and want to speed up the process, you can pre-register your children by providing us with a little information.


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Monday - Thursday
9AM - 3PM

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