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Growth Track

As followers of Jesus, we believe maturing in our faith means a willingness to grow spiritually.

But we also know that spiritual growth doesn’t just happen - it requires intentionality, effort, the right environment, and a focus on the right areas. The Encounter Church Growth Track is designed to equip you with the information and tools you need to take ownership of your faith and grow over time as a follower of Jesus.

Courses designed to keep you on the right track:

Course 1: Encounter Salvation - Becoming a Christian

Course 2: Encounter Membership - Becoming a Partner Member

Course 3: Encounter The Story - The Whole Story of the Bible in 16 verses

Course 4: Encounter The Mission- Understanding the Mission of Jesus

Course 5: Encounter the Spirit- Understanding the Equipping Power of the Holy Spirit

Course 6: Encounter Your Design- Discovering Your Spiritual Gifting

Course 7: Encounter Relationship - Establishing God-honoring Relationships

Course 8: Encounter Teams - Joining A Team

Course 9: Encounter Multiplication- How to Replace Yourself


At Encounter Church, we value membership. As believers, we are to live out our Christian lives in the context of the local church. While you could remain a guest of Encounter or even a regular attendee of our weekend services, the real value of Encounter begins with membership. Membership implies a commitment to Encounter,  it’s your way of saying, “Count me in!”

We know making the decision to join a church is hard and somewhat overwhelming as you learn how to get involved. That's why we created this 3-week new member series. Here, you can learn more about Encounter church, meet our staff, hear our beliefs and connect in a bigger way.

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