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We believe that people need an Encounter with God more than anything else.

We believe that people need an Encounter with God more than anything else

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We are a unique and interactive church experience.

Encounter Church is here to re-invigorate your connection with faith by providing interactive ways to meet with God.

Say goodbye to the every-Sunday routine of ‘3 songs and a sermon’, and embrace hands-on learning in a vibrant community that's alive with possibilities.

Join us as we infuse ancient Christian traditions with modern engagement, creating a dynamic space where you are able to worship, pray, serve, and build community in unique ways each week.

We Have 4 Different Types of Sunday Services

Our innovative approach brings interactive discussions, genuine Jesus-focused worship, and hands-on service opportunities that will empower you to make a meaningful impact in your community.

Step into an immersive, God-centered experience where sincerity is cherished and growth is prioritized over comfort.

We intentionally create environments for you to encounter God through prayer, worship, service, testimonies and communion as a shared meal.

We are excited to be a place where faith comes alive in a new, exciting way. We invite you to be part of a community that's transforming lives.

4 types of services
4 types of services


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