The Presence of a Helper – Week 3


Becoming aware of the presence of God changes us. As we saw with Jacob, it renewed his faith in God, gave him confidence for the days ahead, and it led to worship for him and others. Jacob’s perspective on everything…changed. When a person who becomes aware of God’s presence interacts with others it can change their life too. To others, the believer becomes a source of truth, light, and revelation that renews their faith and gives them confidence for the days ahead. It’s wild, but true, there is a mirroring effect for others of what God’s presence has first done for us. Therefore, as believers interact with the world around us we become a source of God’s presence for them…and that is always helpful. This series will cover how the presence of God becomes a help to us, and then reveal how the presence of God in us becomes a source of help to others.

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